Sunday, 12 September 2010

I love it when something beats my expatachions

Ok so ive had this game along with the PS3 edichion and the 2 on Nintendo DS sins relases day but I decided enouth was enouth and I was going to to get round to playing this stack of games ive been bilding up and I was not only plesentily sperised with this game but amazed how fun it was I'm no fan of track games infack I down right hate them no freadom they drive me nuts same with games that give you a parth to flow that you carnt devieat from but this is dirfent it takes this game style and makes its challange and fun I was playing this on normil difikility and it was more challangeing that all the outher vershions of war for cybertron I've played so far I've been so entertained I played thro the first 1/4 of the games and got realy sucked in its a shame that the revange of the fallen game on wii and outher falldowens from the Play Stachion and X-box have been given a bad repatiuchion but this definitily proves that the Wii can make a good entertaining game but what relay makes this game is it teles the story as thro its set later on in the PS3 game itrs not like most outher games I was expecting a dumed down boring vershion of what was relased on the PS3 what I got was a true Gem of a game with its one story griping game play and enouth of a challenge to make me want to replay the leveaile and the best part they have not lost the chateres charms the one lineres that the chateres say in this are just as funey as the ones said in the PS3 Game and if i were to give this game a rateing it would be 4 stars its not the most perfackit game in the world it dioes have it falts but this is the first game ive played on the Wii in a long time that has keeped me griped for a fue hours.

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