Saturday, 5 February 2011

Precure open my heart one last time

today sees the end of one of my most favorit animes HeartCatch Precure with a fiting finily we see what happen to all the purfied commanderes except Dune and Dark Precure which I sepect means there Dead but with this closes a big part of my life I have to say geting this on a weakley bases was arsom and I will miss my weakley dose of precure this series has been amazing full of sperises and a grip with a great sens of wit this has to be rated as my second favorit anime I am very disapointed that is was not picked up for a second season with a vererity of interesting chateres and plots this was a show not to miss its uniquick charm and style was a true gift and it did one thing that give it a 10 im my book which some anime dont do is it had a ending a ending which suited this show we get to see how the precurs are doing arfter there victory and there plans for the fucher and how the great heart tree is recovering and we geet to see all the purfied enemy commanderes happy liveing life in there chosen parths I give this anime a 10 out of 10 if you have time pleas check it out you wouint be sorie and TV-Nihon has a realy nice sub of it so this is my last post about this series I will be back typeing up more stuf soon.


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