Thursday, 9 September 2010

This is no toy its a monster

Ok so I started filming my viedow reviewes yesterday and It took me over a houre to get the blasted thing out of the box and my god is it hevey my arm is killing me from holding it and I'm 21 I have no ider how a child was expeted to hold this and moveing the joints is a horror the onley way I could describe it is its like the joints are made of old rusty hingises there nerily in moveribile thro the crowen is a nice touch and allthro its sises is the selling point of this figer I now find I dont have any where to put it where it will fit. If like me owening a Galaxy force / cybertron starscream is a must get the smaller Galaxy force one even thor its smaller and costs allmost the same its more fun easer to transform and it fits all most any where.

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