Friday, 24 June 2011

WTF Is The Movie Line Games Cursed

Ok I know that Revange Of The Fallen was when we all gave up hope in transformeres games being good but I went out on a lim and bort the the vearious vershion of the War For Cybertron games, and for once I was plsenty sperised with how good the gamnes were ativishion were geting it right again so with renewed cofdins in them I invenstgied in buying all of this years transformeres game vereachions, and what did I find.

I found its a whos who of CRAP with a captil C so over the next fue days pepere to read as I wrant about the worst transformer games ever I have yet to see the PS3 one but im not expecting much but lets just say if its like what nintendow useres got fobed off with then ativishion will get one hell of a abusive e-mail.

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