Saturday, 14 May 2011

Plant Power !!!!!!!!

Its been a very long time sins a DS game has grabed my atachion DS games recenitily have been very boring I think the last one that got my hopes up was The Legened Of Zelda Sperit Tracks but this its simplistness is atachy very endering it does exacleyt what it says on the box.

this game is split into severil leveailes with 10 sub levels you play 10 sup levels and at the end the level lochion changes haveing spen 9 hous plaing this I have found it imencley entertaining and arfter fighting in the frount gardon at day then at night then the back gardon at day then at night I thort what could be next then I find my self fling cabagies at zombies on my roof.

the shere wakneses of this cam comples with its equeley wackey sens of humer is a stroke of genoius evan down to the manule which had me laughting as they have it look as they the zombies have crosed out sechions like "you must uses plkants to defend your home" and replased it with " just stand there and let the zombies walk in.

whats great about this is it makes you think and stragises with a huge veritiy of unlockable wepons that keep geting beter and beter this game is a game that just keeps makeing you want to play it theres are also severil outher game modes to keep you interested but I have still not got round to them as Im still haveing so much fun with the campain.

I did mange to give mulity plays a go and this is where the perfacket game failes playing as plants is horibily it is nere imposable to win I have won twises as plants the zombies are 2 over poweres and it is way 2 easey to just over power the plants with zombies it gest ewaser as you unlock more stuf but its still way 2 hard thro is you like humlaiting your friens p[lay as zombies and wipeing there plansts out is fun.

evan with theas miner faults this is still a excelent game and well worth a buy 10 out of 10 I promises if you like games like darwn to life and outheres with a quorkie charm then you will love this game.

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