Saturday, 19 November 2011

I am the games master

Fore the past weak and 2 days ive been giveing it my all on a Facebook game called backyard Monsters and man was it insane. I compleated 30 horifick waves over the past weak.

The first 20 wave were a breez then it got harder and harder till I finily reached the promised land wave 30. my backyard stood tall and prouad

It was here that the system starts to crash by being overloaded but I perservered and I made it thro wave 30 my backyard of the past year haveing stood the oncoming storm and serived but only berley.

Then the mesaage apaired Congratalichions your beat them all and won. I was awarded with this rather nice Victory Totem Pole

then it came up with the message but its not over now try the Bonus Wave. I think to my self crap knowing that theres no way I can serive I know I must change my base and so I did to this.

it took may atemps and redesines to get it right buet eventily arfter a long and touth battle I won.

and I was awarded this rarther nice Totem pole.

Thinking it was over thinking I had beaton all I relaxed it was then at the secageled end of events time on Thursday the 17th at 7PM they anounced a second Bonus wave the finile Wave. Now the crazed lune that is me said NO how dare you do this I then spent 2 days pepering then today I began arfter many many many failed atemps and alot of help I came up with this.

fighting against 2 new types of monster that are not yet released to the useres to uses and a supere powered up vershion of a most dedlay monster clases (and personlay hated clases) and finily faceing off against one of the most anoying clases of monster to beat.

It was a long and crue battle it started with one of the new monsteres types covered in a red energy that made it invinisibile for 15 seconds in thros 15 seconds they pore onto my Backyard my Backyard defenderes and defence turrets desperetley trying to stop them eventily the first assault was stoped.

Then the Second assault began with a type I know well worms theas thing borrow unter ground so you defenceses are usless untill they emerge and attack but when they serfave they are covered in a power up bonus and are also invinisable for a short time. By this point my backyard had taken one hell of a kicking and was still puting up the good fight eventily the worms were destoryed but the attack was still not over.

It was then the final assault began this time it was anouthe new type of monster it also hade the invinisability red power up but unlike the first monsteres theas things moved fast they plowed thro my defenses like a hot knife thro butter the last of my backyard defenderes rushed out to meet them holding them off with there very lives it was then there red power up timed out and my turrest gave them a pounding but foling the new monsteres in were some flying ones there was luckily enouth turrets that could fire into the sky and my champioun monster to take them down.

With my backyard smashed to pises but victoryus I recived this message.

And this rather nice Totem Pole.

With this long and hard event over I have yet anouther game under my belt that I can say I trueley have mastered.

Friday, 18 November 2011

The Good The Bad And The Arsom

Thanxs to a realy bad day I compleatley fogot to post about geting this a day earily infacket whats worse I did not evan manage to get this out of the box any way I will give this a play and then right a review thats all I wanted to say bye bye.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

The many changeing ways of my life

today I had a review of a new DS game I was playing but I gess that can wait as Today along with the rest of my family I found out that one of my Uncles had died now I may not have know himn well and I kind of whish I had tryed a litile but he was not the most sochibile person in the world he evan inored my dad when he said hi so I thort there was no point but evan thro I had not realy seen him sins I was about 5 years old I still am a litile sad to here that he has passed away and more sad that he was alone when it happened I hope he passed away peacefulley.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Transformers Dark Of The Moon Wii The Worst Game Ever OF All Time

Well what can I say about this game this woundfile pile of crap. well to start with WHAT THE HELL Activision what the hell posed you to make this god afule game its apuling beyound belife ok im geting carreyed away here lets take a deap breath and give this game a proper review.

First off geting a free gift included with every game and not as a preorder bonouns shows only one thing there some reason the company releasing the games is asking for your forgivinus but to ask for it with such a shit thing the free litil toy yet get is bumbelbee his doors open to reveal guns and thats it it feales cheaper than a happy meal toy but were not here to talk about a crapy toy were here to talk about the game that comes with the crapy toy.

Ok Activision now you were geting good with your transformeres games arfter your cybertron adventeres games on the wii so I have just one qustion WHAT THE HELL WENT WRONG ? ok to start with the cut seens look like they were made with web cartoon animachion that was poplaer a fue years ago ok not so bad but the game play is were it get stupid first you can eaither drive in a defenslus verkile mode or swich to stelth mode were the verkile can pull out wepons, its at this point I would like to point out that in every tf game the chateres have all ways had wepons in there verkile moed except for that armada game on PS2, but were geting off point here. The Ider behind this stelth force mode is so they can fight wiout being seen ok this is great ider in city leveals but out in the midile of the deseret or in side a autobot bace who the hell is going to seee them fight.

Apart from thros anoyenses aside it would be a great game but for just one nigiling but ovious facket THERE TRANSFORMERS there ment to change into giant robots in this game they fail to do that except in the cut seens when this does happen there usichily stoud out in the open where people can see them which begs the qustion what the bloody point of the stelth mode.

But theases problems aside its atachily not that bad a game the game play is smove its all posibile except where the difilikitily seames to go from good to falling off a clif hard I was atachily starting to enjoy this game a litil till it did something unbelivibile stupid.

This stupid moment happened when I play megatrons leveail hes still got his Revange Of the Fallen tank mode ok this is cool what not cool is that untill he goes to stelth force mode he carnt fire his wepons whis brings up 3 blearing qustions 1 what king of tank carnt shout its wepons ? 2 why would a alien cybertroioun tank that dosent belen in need a tank mode ? 3 who the hell decided that megatron needed a stelth force mode.

All in all this would be a great game if it was anthing outher than transformeres the plot is stupid the who game is based off the failed stelth force toy line ( which by the way yes I had notised that this whole game was a bloodey markting tool ) and the facket they inored severil ovious things in my opioun inore it dont buy it for the love of good save your money and get a it out of the bargin bin in 3 months time. I give it a score of 3 out of 10.

Friday, 24 June 2011

WTF Is The Movie Line Games Cursed

Ok I know that Revange Of The Fallen was when we all gave up hope in transformeres games being good but I went out on a lim and bort the the vearious vershion of the War For Cybertron games, and for once I was plsenty sperised with how good the gamnes were ativishion were geting it right again so with renewed cofdins in them I invenstgied in buying all of this years transformeres game vereachions, and what did I find.

I found its a whos who of CRAP with a captil C so over the next fue days pepere to read as I wrant about the worst transformer games ever I have yet to see the PS3 one but im not expecting much but lets just say if its like what nintendow useres got fobed off with then ativishion will get one hell of a abusive e-mail.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Plant Power !!!!!!!!

Its been a very long time sins a DS game has grabed my atachion DS games recenitily have been very boring I think the last one that got my hopes up was The Legened Of Zelda Sperit Tracks but this its simplistness is atachy very endering it does exacleyt what it says on the box.

this game is split into severil leveailes with 10 sub levels you play 10 sup levels and at the end the level lochion changes haveing spen 9 hous plaing this I have found it imencley entertaining and arfter fighting in the frount gardon at day then at night then the back gardon at day then at night I thort what could be next then I find my self fling cabagies at zombies on my roof.

the shere wakneses of this cam comples with its equeley wackey sens of humer is a stroke of genoius evan down to the manule which had me laughting as they have it look as they the zombies have crosed out sechions like "you must uses plkants to defend your home" and replased it with " just stand there and let the zombies walk in.

whats great about this is it makes you think and stragises with a huge veritiy of unlockable wepons that keep geting beter and beter this game is a game that just keeps makeing you want to play it theres are also severil outher game modes to keep you interested but I have still not got round to them as Im still haveing so much fun with the campain.

I did mange to give mulity plays a go and this is where the perfacket game failes playing as plants is horibily it is nere imposable to win I have won twises as plants the zombies are 2 over poweres and it is way 2 easey to just over power the plants with zombies it gest ewaser as you unlock more stuf but its still way 2 hard thro is you like humlaiting your friens p[lay as zombies and wipeing there plansts out is fun.

evan with theas miner faults this is still a excelent game and well worth a buy 10 out of 10 I promises if you like games like darwn to life and outheres with a quorkie charm then you will love this game.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Today I went and saw Thor in 3D and let me say well worth seeing in 3D. so I was in awe at seeing this film it was visichily a masterpice they spared no expens with custoum desine and spechil efects and I have to say they have come a long way sins they made the X-men films the actors they used seamed perfacket for there roles and the script was berilient.

thro not the most serious film it handled it well with the jokes by not going over the top but still kepet you laughting for most of it. the achion seens were abouth and beyound what I expeted all in all this film beat my expetachions in every way.

I dont want to say much so as not to spoile the plot but If you like me have not had much experins with the chater Thor then this is a good place to start and evan if you not realy a marvle fan its still worth a look as a stand alone film its trule excelent and unlike some of the outher marvle films it dosnet make you go "hurreny up and get to a fight seen all redy".

all in all I give it a 10 out of 10

Monday, 2 May 2011

Tron Legecy more like Tron scured up Legecy

OMG this film sucked ok it was prety it had good grafick it evan had a good plot well it would have if not for the facket they marketed it as a sequel if they had said it was a remake yea I would have been happey but ooooooo no they said it was a sequle and what worses it does not evan make sens as a sequele. Im sorie but im one who loves disjointed films for hevens sacke I love the Gundam F91 film but this makes the Gundam F91 film make sens.

ok im going off on a tangent here lets start from the begining my problems with this film 1 whay doset the main chateres farther say he made the system foirgive me if i am wrong ive noot seen the originil film in years but no he did not secondley what the hell is up with the clones thats just plain stupid 3 why the f%$# did the farther age and not the clones if there his copies they shoud age as well fore um I thort the place was called tron not a person also for a chater to be named arfter a film he shure did not have much to do in the film. ok look I could go on about what has anoyed me about this film but I wouint lets just say if you want to watch a cool bright flashey film or if you have not seen the originil film this film is great if plot bugs you then may be avoide.

Marking the film purley on its on not evan condecering its predeser which I like a hell of a lot more I give it 7 out of 10

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Precure open my heart one last time

today sees the end of one of my most favorit animes HeartCatch Precure with a fiting finily we see what happen to all the purfied commanderes except Dune and Dark Precure which I sepect means there Dead but with this closes a big part of my life I have to say geting this on a weakley bases was arsom and I will miss my weakley dose of precure this series has been amazing full of sperises and a grip with a great sens of wit this has to be rated as my second favorit anime I am very disapointed that is was not picked up for a second season with a vererity of interesting chateres and plots this was a show not to miss its uniquick charm and style was a true gift and it did one thing that give it a 10 im my book which some anime dont do is it had a ending a ending which suited this show we get to see how the precurs are doing arfter there victory and there plans for the fucher and how the great heart tree is recovering and we geet to see all the purfied enemy commanderes happy liveing life in there chosen parths I give this anime a 10 out of 10 if you have time pleas check it out you wouint be sorie and TV-Nihon has a realy nice sub of it so this is my last post about this series I will be back typeing up more stuf soon.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

bye bye Sasolina

Today I hade a charnce to sit down and watch episode 40 of Heart Catch Precure and I have to say it was epick Sasolina one of the Desert Apostles commanderes had her finile stand in this episode and lost and then there was a touching seen where fello Desert Apostles commanderes Kumojacky and Cobrajar comfetered her befor she passed away and her heart flower was returned to its rightfull owener this copeled with them giveing her there dark braclets befor the battle to increases her strenth showes that there not quit as evile as belived and kind of made me realy start to root for them a litile in this episode and even thro Sasolina was not one of my favorits I will miss her apairenses in the series but with the qulity of this series going up and up every episode I find my self realy sad as I know this series will end soon all in all with episodes like this and tv series this good it make me happey to know that evan if tv is naff here least we have forien tv to fall back on.


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