Saturday, 19 November 2011

I am the games master

Fore the past weak and 2 days ive been giveing it my all on a Facebook game called backyard Monsters and man was it insane. I compleated 30 horifick waves over the past weak.

The first 20 wave were a breez then it got harder and harder till I finily reached the promised land wave 30. my backyard stood tall and prouad

It was here that the system starts to crash by being overloaded but I perservered and I made it thro wave 30 my backyard of the past year haveing stood the oncoming storm and serived but only berley.

Then the mesaage apaired Congratalichions your beat them all and won. I was awarded with this rather nice Victory Totem Pole

then it came up with the message but its not over now try the Bonus Wave. I think to my self crap knowing that theres no way I can serive I know I must change my base and so I did to this.

it took may atemps and redesines to get it right buet eventily arfter a long and touth battle I won.

and I was awarded this rarther nice Totem pole.

Thinking it was over thinking I had beaton all I relaxed it was then at the secageled end of events time on Thursday the 17th at 7PM they anounced a second Bonus wave the finile Wave. Now the crazed lune that is me said NO how dare you do this I then spent 2 days pepering then today I began arfter many many many failed atemps and alot of help I came up with this.

fighting against 2 new types of monster that are not yet released to the useres to uses and a supere powered up vershion of a most dedlay monster clases (and personlay hated clases) and finily faceing off against one of the most anoying clases of monster to beat.

It was a long and crue battle it started with one of the new monsteres types covered in a red energy that made it invinisibile for 15 seconds in thros 15 seconds they pore onto my Backyard my Backyard defenderes and defence turrets desperetley trying to stop them eventily the first assault was stoped.

Then the Second assault began with a type I know well worms theas thing borrow unter ground so you defenceses are usless untill they emerge and attack but when they serfave they are covered in a power up bonus and are also invinisable for a short time. By this point my backyard had taken one hell of a kicking and was still puting up the good fight eventily the worms were destoryed but the attack was still not over.

It was then the final assault began this time it was anouthe new type of monster it also hade the invinisability red power up but unlike the first monsteres theas things moved fast they plowed thro my defenses like a hot knife thro butter the last of my backyard defenderes rushed out to meet them holding them off with there very lives it was then there red power up timed out and my turrest gave them a pounding but foling the new monsteres in were some flying ones there was luckily enouth turrets that could fire into the sky and my champioun monster to take them down.

With my backyard smashed to pises but victoryus I recived this message.

And this rather nice Totem Pole.

With this long and hard event over I have yet anouther game under my belt that I can say I trueley have mastered.

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