Tuesday, 30 November 2010

bye bye Sasolina

Today I hade a charnce to sit down and watch episode 40 of Heart Catch Precure and I have to say it was epick Sasolina one of the Desert Apostles commanderes had her finile stand in this episode and lost and then there was a touching seen where fello Desert Apostles commanderes Kumojacky and Cobrajar comfetered her befor she passed away and her heart flower was returned to its rightfull owener this copeled with them giveing her there dark braclets befor the battle to increases her strenth showes that there not quit as evile as belived and kind of made me realy start to root for them a litile in this episode and even thro Sasolina was not one of my favorits I will miss her apairenses in the series but with the qulity of this series going up and up every episode I find my self realy sad as I know this series will end soon all in all with episodes like this and tv series this good it make me happey to know that evan if tv is naff here least we have forien tv to fall back on.

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